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Vision of Avsonic® Better Cow Cooling

Our vision is to help sustain your way of life and the dairy industry by:

  • Managing water use and water removal
  • Meeting SGMA and other regulatory demands
  • Reducing electricity costs
  • Protecting feed from drift
  • Improving system flow and pressure

If your personal and professional goals align with our vision then contact us about becoming a distributor/installer of  Avsonic® soakers and being a part of the newest technology in the dairy industry!

1. Complete the distributor application.

Download, review and complete the Avsonic® Distributor Agreement and return it to us via email.

2. Q&A with a member of our team

Once we've received your agreement, a member of our team will contact you with any questions we have and provide you with our distributors guide and access to the resources you will need.