Avsonic Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What activates each Auto Soaker? 

A: Water pressure in the soaker line

Q: Can I use my own timer? 

A: Yes

Q: How long do the batteries last?   

A: 2-3 seasons based on cycle frequency


Q: What causes the water valve to open? 

A: Ultrasonic sensor detects presence of animal

Q: Is there a manual override?  

A: Yes

Q: Is the auto soaker manufactured to withstand dairy conditions? 

A: Yes, it is IP 67 rated


Avsonic helps with resources and livestock by:

  • Using less water
  • Reducing effluent removal
  • Lowering electricity costs
  • Meeting SGMA and regulator demands
  • Protecting feed from drift
  • Improving system flow and pressure

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